the belgian association dedicated to gundam

at your service, three times faster

Since 2015, Red Comet travels all across Belgium to share its passion for Gundam!

Whether you already know Gundam or wish to discover this huge japanese animation franchise, you are at the right place!

We do not sell

Red Comet is an association. This means we are no resellers, and make no profit with our activities.

If you are searching for a place where to buy some derivative products, maybe we can, though! We shall not sell it to you, but it is very likely we can get you in touch with a retailer capable able to meet your request!


We are on the side of the franchise

Before all, we seek to popularize Gundam and bring the already established fandom together. This is why we are impartial, and wish to remain so.

This neutrality allows us to inform you in an objective and complete way, without having to hide any information because of a contract we would have concluded. We do however work together with various resellers and are open to any kind of partnership, as long as it does not compromise our universality.

Finally, we firmly proscribe any illegal stuff. We do not share any download link, and will tolerate those on our social channels. To help Gundam, we have to support its official distribution, it is as simple as that.

We take action

Red Comet is present in nearly every Belgian convention, and even a little bit beyond! Our stands are the opportunity to discuss at length about their favorite series for the fine connoisseurs, or receive a detailed and passionate speech about it for the newcomers. We also organize introductions to Gundam models (Gunpla) building, videogames tournaments, contests, and heaps of other exciting activities! Come and see us!

We offer various other activities outside conventions... keep an eye on our Facebook page!

We guide

Gundam is very wide, and newcomers have often difficulties to find their way into it on their own. We are passionate. Hence, we are the best placed to guide them into it.

Don't hesitate to ask us to know what to begin with! Everything is worthwile in Gundam, but your general preferences in the matter of fiction will make it a better idea to start with such series rather than such other. In short, we are here to help you, count on us!